Kempton Park, Edenvale & Boksburg

Workshops & Training
International Training
Mahmoud Reda (Cairo, Egyptian Style)
Aida Nour (Cairo, Egyptian Style)
Tamlyn Dallal (USA - Modern Belly Dance)
Rania (USA -Traditional & Modern)
Belyssa (Australia – Traditional)
Sharon Kihara (USA - Tribal Fusion)
SA Workshops & Training:
Aviva (Wings & Sword)
Cath Ma (Veil)
Candida (Drumming)
Soma (Tribal Fusion)


Enchanting and mystical, ancient Egypt was awesome. Combine the wonders of Egypt with belly dancing and you have pure heaven.

Mystical Movements Belly Dance Studio

Leave the cares of the world behind as you learn the feminine, beautiful and powerful art of Middle Eastern Dance ~ “Belly Dance” or traditionally, Raks Sharqi. Discover your inner beauty and unique sensuality as you take the journey.

This captivating dance form is derived from traditional women’s dances of the Middle East and North Africa and dates back hundreds of years.

Belly Dancing offers women a community of friends that share and celebrate the joy of dance; it creates self-confidence through artistic self-expression and is an art form that embraces women of all ages and all body types.

Belly dancing continues to grow in popularity which has lead to more modern interpretations ~ all equally beautiful.

American Tribal Style (ATS)
ATS is a modern style of dance. It is mostly improvisational and describes a “Tribe” as dancers working together as a group with a “Tribal” look.

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Egyptian Cabaret
Egyptian Cabaret, the soul of belly dance; captivating, feminine and soul satisfying!

Events Calendar
SA Workshops - March 2010
(USA - Belly Dance Superstar)
Medhat Fahmy
SA Workshops – 8 & 9 May 2010
(Egypt - Reda Troupe)

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